Finding counterfeited banknotes: the roles of vision and touch

Some 460,000 counterfeited banknotes euro banknotes had been withdrawn from flow in 2020 (220,000 within the second 1/2 of the 12 months), a lower of 17.7% when in comparison with 2019. €20 and €50 notes persisted to be the maximum counterfeited banknotes, mutually accounting for about thirds of the entire. 94.five% of counterfeits had been determined in euro area nations, even as 2.eight% have been observed in non-euro location european Member States and a couple of.7% in other components of the world. The probability of receiving a counterfeit is very small, because the wide variety of counterfeits stays very low compared to the over 25 billion euro banknotes in circulation. In 2020, 17 counterfeits have been detected per 1 million actual banknotes in movement, a traditionally low degree (see the chart under).

Low-best reproductions are constantly withdrawn from circulation. All are clean to hit upon as they have no protection capabilities, or handiest very terrible imitations of them. Ever because the first collection of euro counterfeited banknotes turned into issued, the Eurosystem – i.e. the ecu vital bank (ECB) and the 19 national imperative banks of the euro area – has encouraged people to be vigilant while receiving banknotes. you can test your notes by using the use of the simple “sense, appearance and tilt” approach defined within the devoted section of the ECB’s website and on the websites of the countrywide crucial banks. The Eurosystem additionally facilitates expert coins handlers make certain that banknote-dealing with and processing machines can reliably identify counterfeits and withdraw them from flow.

The use of counterfeits for bills is a criminal offence that could result in prosecution.  if you obtain a suspect banknote, examine it at once with one you understand to be actual. in case your suspicions are showed please touch the police or – relying on national exercise – your country wide vital financial institution or your very own retail or business bank. The Eurosystem helps law enforcement corporations of their combat in opposition to foreign money counterfeiting. The Eurosystem has a responsibility to shield the integrity of euro banknotes and to maintain improving banknote technology. the second one collection of banknotes – the Europa collection – is even extra comfy and is helping to preserve public accept as true with in the currency.

How do I check if my notice is a counterfeit?

There is numerous protection functions integrated into euro banknotes that make them hard to recreate. A lot of those capabilities can be checked manually the use of the texture-look-Tilt test.


The paper is crisp and firm

The paper may have raised ink areas at the the front of the notice.


Maintain the be aware as much as a mild and:

Keep the be aware up to the light and search for watermarks (see-via regions of the notice):

Architectural design just like the main layout of the observe

Various watermarks underneath

Barcode watermark in the centre (Euro collection 1 notes most effective)

Europa portrait (Euro collection 2 notes handiest).

Security thread down the centre of the observe with perforations of denomination

Perforations within the holographic foil showing the denomination, euro symbol and Europa portrait (Euro collection 2 notes only)

See thru wide variety at the pinnacle left of the note (Euro collection 1 notes most effective).


The holographic stripe or patch will alternate pics and colours

The iridescent stripe on the back of the lower denominations will shine and fade (Euro series 1 notes best)

The opti-variable ink masking the numeral on the lower back of the better denominations will exchange color (Euro collection 1 notes only)

The emerald range in the backside left nook at the banknote’s the front aspect shows an impact of the light that movements up and down. The number also modifications shade from emerald inexperienced to deep blue

Counterfeit cash

  • Forgery of cash within reason unusual, particularly because the paintings required to forge a coin is hardly ever worth the small praise.
  • All designs on a actual coin must be virtually described.
  • The coin has to make a distinct ‘ring’ when dropped on a table-pinnacle, in preference to a ‘thud’.
  • The $1 and $2 coins have special protection edging.
  • View the safety edging at the $1 coin
  • View the safety edging on the $2 coin

What ought to I do if I find counterfeit cash?

If you accept as true with someone is attempting to bypass you counterfeit coins, do no longer accept it, and notify the Police.

If you discover you’ve already received counterfeit coins, put them in an envelope to keep away from handling them in addition and take them to the Police.

A way to spot a counterfeited banknotes notice

The older series 6 notes are co-circulating with collection 7 and proportion a number of the capabilities, which include being published on polymer in. different security functions are particular to collection 6. Functions are the equal on all denominations.

Test out the home windows

Every observe has  see-through home windows. One is oval and has the denomination of the be aware embossed in it. the alternative is inside the shape of a curved fern leaf. ensure both home windows are there and well embedded inside the word – in the event that they appearance ‘caught on’ there can be a hassle.

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